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Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival (2014)

The Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival is back! Held at Temecula Valley High School, Tower Plaza, Old Town Temecula City Hall, and Wiens Family Cellars in Temecula, CA from September 17th to September 21st, 2014.

TVIFF 9/17/2014 – Opening Night Highlights

The Festival’s Opening Night was at Temecula Valley High School with a screening of “A Little Game” (2014) directed and written by Evan Oppenheimer.

TVIFF 9/18/2014 – Tower Plaza Highlights

During the 2nd day many showed up to enjoy what Tower Plaza had to offer. This included films presented up on the big screen at Digiplex Temecula Tower 10 and a hospitality suite for the film makers and volunteers.

TVIFF 9/19/2014 – Music Fest Day 1 Highlights

On the 3rd day Music Fest at Old Town Temecula City Hall began with 7 sets of talented musicians, including PlayFight, entertaining throughout the evening.

TVIFF 9/20/2014 – Workshops / Artisans Collective / Music Fest Day 2 Highlights

Saturday was a busy day with informative workshops and a creative artisans collective at Tower Plaza. Music Fest continued with day 2 down at Old Town Temecula City Hall that included Hang Dynasty and a special guest appearance by Alan Parsons.

TVIFF 9/21/2014 – Closing Night Black Tie Awards Gala Highlights

The Festival came to the Closing Night Black Tie Awards Gala at the beautiful Wiens Family Cellars. The night was hosted by actor and comedian Jamie Kaler with musical performances by The Black Moods and PlayFight.

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MVHS ASL Variety Show (2010)

The 5th annual ASL Variety Show brought to you by Murrieta Valley High School‘s American Sign Language classes and Mt. San Jacinto College’s F.A.V.E. Club.

F.A.V.E. Club | Mt. San Jacinto College

MVHS ASL Variety Show Part 1/4 (2010)

Part 1 includes the following acts:
Opening (00:00 – 00:55)
My Eyes (00:55 – 03:55)
Something Like That (03:55 – 07:01)
We Are Going To Be Friends (07:01 – 09:36)
Fallin (09:36 – 12:55)
Thoughts Of A Deaf Child (12:55 – 13:53)
Already Gone (13:53 – 18:46)

MVHS ASL Variety Show Part 2/4 (2010)

Part 2 includes the following acts:
A-Z Story (00:00 – 00:35)
Doctor’s Office (00:35 – 02:17)
Kiss Me Through The Phone (02:17 – 05:49)
If You Wanna Be My Lover (05:49 – 08:52)
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (08:52 – 11:36)
Black Roses (11:36 – 15:30)
I Won’t Say I’m In Love (15:30 – 18:25)

MVHS ASL Variety Show Part 3/4 (2010)

Part 3 includes the following acts:
My Boy Lollipop (00:00 – 02:12)
Ode To A Deaf Child (02:12 – 04:03)
Sissy’s Song (04:03 – 07:18)
Single Ladies (07:18 – 10:21)
Picture To Burn (10:21 – 13:35)
Classroom 101 (13:35 – 15:13)
Do You Think I’m Sexy? (15:13 – 18:18)

MVHS ASL Variety Show Part 4/4 (2010)

Part 4 includes the following acts:
Cinderella (00:00 – 04:31)
Thug Story (04:31 – 06:13)
Ninja Story (06:13 – 08:07)
YMCA (08:07 – 11:45)
It’s Tricky (11:45 – 14:51)
We Are The World (14:51 – 19:06)
Credits (19:06 – 19:58)

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Kapra is 1! (2009)

Kapra finally turned 1 year old and gets to enjoy his first birthday party EVER! I filmed and edited this for my wonderful sister and her beautiful family. I received many wonderful responses including a happy tear filled sister.

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MVHS Video Yearbook (2008)

Murrieta Valley High School creates a Video Yearbook each year to commemorate the years events in a video form. Presented by Nighthawk Productions and directed by Eric Paulson.

Video Production 2 | Murrieta Valley High School
For Educational Purposes Only

MVHS Video Yearbook: Intro (2008)

The introduction to the Video Yearbook takes a trip around the whole campus while introducing the crew and showing a few clips from the rest of the video.

MVHS Video Yearbook: Shorts (2008)

Funny school related shorts that were placed throughout the Video Yearbook and parody commercials, films, and tv shows. Inspired by “Robot Chicken” (2005-?).

Parody sources:
School Supplies parody of Skittles Commercial

He is Chris parody of “I am Legend” (2007)

Empty Gatorade Bottle parody of “Family Guy” (1999-?)

Murrietafield parody of “Cloverfield” (2008)

Bathrooms (Gotta go) parody of Detrol Commercial

“Dude” parody of Bud Light Commercial

MVHS Video Yearbook: Student Life (2008)

Students sit down on the video production couch and share their most memorable moments at the school. These are the students of MVHS.

MVHS Video Yearbook: Prom (2008)

Murrieta Valley High School Prom Night 2008 at The Grove in Anaheim, CA. The students dance the night away to eight songs.

MVHS Every 15 Minutes (2008)

Every other year the Murrieta Police and Medical departments put on a show at Murrieta Valley High School called Every 15 Minutes. It’s an event to provoke fear and emotion into the students by experiencing the consequences of drinking and driving.

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