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Graphics (2011)

Graphics I designed throughout 2011 that include:
Plausible Signs, Implausible Signs, Personal Interest Signs, Darth Vader Vector, iPod Vector, Nike Shoe Vector, Spock Vector, Banana Vector, Bullet Vector, and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (1989) Fan Poster.

Digital Illustration | Mt. San Jacinto College
For Educational Purposes Only

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Photography (2011)

Photography I captured throughout 2011 that include the following categories:
Abstract, Animals, Action, City & Architecture, Commercial, Conceptual Strength, Landscapes, Macros, Nature, Patterns & Textures, Portraits, Restoration, and Travel

Digital Photography Production 1 | Mt. San Jacinto College

Abstract (2011)

Action (2011)

Animals (2011)

City & Architecture – Loma Linda Medical Center (2011)

City & Architecture – Murrieta (2011)

City & Architecture – Old Town Temecula (2011)

City & Architecture – Temecula (2011)

Commercial (2011)

For Educational Purposes Only

Conceptual Strength (2011)

Landscapes (2011)

Macro (2011)

For Educational Purposes Only

Nature (2011)

Patterns & Textures (2011)

Portraits (2011)

Restoration (2011)

For Educational Purposes Only

Travel – Oceanside (2011)

Travel – Rain Drain Ecosystem (2011)

Travel – Temecula Wine Country (2011)

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3D Animation Basics Reel (2011)

Demo reel of all my projects from 3D Animation 1. This video displays many of the basic concepts I have learned and practiced.

3D Animation 1 | Mt. San Jacinto College

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Happy Halloween Commercial (2011)

As the full moon rises on Halloween creatures of the night come out to play. Brought to you by Room 926 Studios.

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Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival (2011)

The 17th Annual Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival was held at Tower Plaza in Temecula, CA from September 14th to September 18th, 2011. Take a view up in the Projection Room as volunteers run the show for guests. Oren Peli answers questions about his career.

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Hangar 18 Climbing Gym Competition (3/5/11)

Hangar 18 Climbing Gym held a fun bouldering competition at their Upland, CA location.

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ConServ Inc. Website (2011)

ConServ Construction, Inc. is an established conservation company in Murrieta, CA.

ConServ Inc. Website (2011) Image Link

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Video Editor | Camera Operator | Photographer | Graphic Designer | Motion Graphic Artist | Animator | Actor